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Eternal Devotion


You are a human being, and you were created to love and to be loved in return because love is your natural state of being. Let me show you the way to creating a life of love and abundance.


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" When you find the right person, the love feels Divine; it uplifts and heals you,

 and an unwavering peace sweeps over you and engulfs you like the sea. 

It feels whole, safe, and like a place you have been yearning and searching for.

It feels like a love you have known for an eternity, and sparks a fire in you

hearts, and awakens your soul and mind from any slumber you may have 

been in. I hope you find a love like that."

-Written By Oceana Kofoed

This is the kind of love you deserve. And no this isn't having high expectations. This is about attracting someone into your life that is in total alignment with you, and not settling for some ordinary mediocre love. A love that feels like the what you have always been yearning for in the deepest depths of your soul.


Love like this is not only in the movies. It's actually something we are all meant to have and experience. It's in the movies because the collective consciousness knows what love is at its core and desires it so deeply. Divine love is what you were created to experience. Love is your birthright and there is nothing wrong with desiring love. In fact your desire for love is natural and normal because we are meant to experience a deep and profound spiritual love. You are a human being, and you were created to love and to be loved in return, because God is love. Love is your natural state of being.





Now this isn't about seeing your Divine counterpart either as your source of love, joy and happiness because that is something you have cultivate within in order to be with them. But it's safe to recognize you have a Twin Flame and embrace the Oneness you share. To relax into that energy and surrender to love, and I'm here to help guide you through that process of attracting perfect love and creating Heaven on Earth. This call for love is something I had in my heart since I was a child and now I am living that dream. That dream if you too.

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Client Testimonials 

"Oceana is an amazing, down to earth, kind and joyful coach. I have been working with her for 6 months so far and been able to dive deeper into a loving relationship with myself, with my feelings and with my Twin Flame. She bouldoses myths and can lovingly sense any misalignments with the divine truth. My time with Oceana is really precious to me, it's my Divine appointment, and I leave with so many insights. Since working with Oceana, I have healed through layers of communication blocks with my Twin Flame, and have manifested my perfect home for myself. My relationship with my Twin Flame has deepened and we communicate every single day and have a very solid friendship and deep care for one another. It never used to feel so peaceful and joyful with my Twin Flame or my life in general, but because of this work and working with Oceana, I have become more confident, happier and magnetic to myself, my Twin and friends and family. Thank you so much for the guidances and love you give, my life has and continues to transform."


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